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Mobile Software Development

Ocasta Labs is a forward-thinking software design company. We focus on delivering new ideas in mobile Internet products to make companies more productive and appealing to their customer base.

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Selected services and products

  • OcastaTrade

    OcastaTrade is a new service platform, to extend the functionality of social networks and enable social exchange from web browsers and mobile terminals. For more information on product capabilities please see the OcastaTrade Datasheet.

  • Mobile Widgets

    A custom design project undertaken by Ocasta Labs was the development of several new data-driven mobile widgets. Mobile widgets hold great promise for improving usability of the mobile web, by moving the presentation of content into a downloadable module and relying on only an Internet connection for data access. This will provide a richer interface, Read more

  • OcastaID

    OcastaID is a mobile network enhanced OpenID authentication platform, for deployment by mobile operators as a web service for customers. What is OpenID? OpenID is a federated system to allow a single user name and password to access many web services. This strengthens web security while lessening a barrier to the adoption of new offerings Read more

  • Ocasta App Factory

    Following on from early mobile application development for Vodafone UK & Vodafone Group the discipline has now been established at Ocasta Labs with the creation of our “App Factory”. The App Factory will make available to customers a full range of mobile application capabilities, all from a single contract. Skills include: Web App development across Read more